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These Party Games Are Great For Your Next Party At Home

Party games sound like something that you would have played up to the age of 10, maybe 11 at most before you became ‘too cool for school’ just like all the other rebellious preteens and teenagers (although in today’s ubiquitous smartphone era, I wonder if kids’ party games have all become purely digital). Anyway the next party games that we probably played after we outgrew them as kids and moved into our teenage years would probably be games that fulfilled at least one of the following two conditions: to get drunk, or to get more closely acquainted with a member of the opposite sex. Spin the bottle or 7 minutes in heaven anyone?

cakeAs adults however, we (should) have mostly got over such youthful desires (at least the desire to get drunk, we can do that in our homes) but we do often feel a sense of nostalgia. And unlike the young generation, our smartphones tend to be less of a source of entertainment and more of a source of endless work-related texts and emails. And while adults still definitely throw parties, they can definitely lack the energy and fun vibe that made the parties of our youth so much fun.

Fortunately, there is a way to spice up your next adult gathering and that is by including some party games. This is a great list of fun party games for you to play at your next adult party. Not only are these games an effective ice breaking tool, they can also really deepen the friendship and familial bonds we have with each other. Let’s take a look at some of these games.


Family History Charades

charadesPlay this game at your next mega family reunion to really find out who’s been actively keeping up with the family’s history and who’s repressed their memories. This is a great game to play once everybody is (ideally) a little buzzed and are sitting around discussing famous family events or incidents that have happened in the past. First (or second, if you think the first step is plying everyone with sufficient alcohol), divide the players into two team, with each team thinking and listing down some memorable moments from your family’s past such as when your sister accidentally set the Christmas tree on fire, or when your dog ate the Thanksgiving turkey. Now each team will take turn acting out scenes from their own list and the opposing team has to guess which event it corresponds to. To make the game a little easier, you can use identifying nametags for the character each person is acting out. If you have a very tight and close knit family, then give family history charades a try.


Roast Battle

WARNING: This game is not for the thin skinned. If you or your guests take yourselves way too seriously, then this game will probably lead to hurt feelings, broken friendships, and new bitter rivalries. This game is simple, if you’ve ever watched one of those Comedy Central presents The Roast of (insert celebrity name here) then you know how it goes. One person is assigned to be the ‘roastee’, and if the party is celebrating a particular occasion, such as birthday or major promotion, then of course the guest of honor will have the honor of being the target. Get a few of your more articulate, sarcastic, and acid-tongued guests to be the roasters, and let the festivities begin! For added fun, this game can be played in the form of a roast battle as well (like a rap battle for people who have no rapping skills) so the roastee has a chance to roast them back. Or you can make it in a tournament style format too.


Celebrity Couples

This is a great game if you have a party where the guests don’t know each other that well or at all even. All this game requires is some pens and sticky notes. The premise is simple, each player gets a sticky note on their back with the name of one celebrity written on it e.g. Ben Affleck. That person then has to mingle around until he finds the celebrity’s corresponding partner (doesn’t have to be a current partner, that’s way too difficult), so in this example it would be Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Lopez, or Matt Damon.

There is no real ‘winning’ objective in this game; the ideal way to play this game would be to just assign people their celebrity moniker upon entry to the party as a way to ‘force’ them to mingle right off the bat. This will then make them more receptive to play even more party games, especially ones that require a higher degree of engagement.