These 6 High Tech Pillows Are Simply Next Level

Pillows. Everybody has them, everybody loves them, whatever will you do without one? For many people, pillows are not just a sleeping aid; they provide important spinal and neck support, particularly if one has spine and neck issues, which is a common malady of the modern age. For people suffering from those conditions, specialty pillows such as back, stomach and side sleeper pillows have been created. While originally inspired by these top 5 pillows for side sleepers, we’ve decided to come up with our own specialty pillow version. This article will show you even more specialty pillows which can add comfort to your life (and not just for side sleepers), or perhaps just leave you asking aloud “Just who exactly is buying those pillows??”

Take a look at this list and judge for yourself.

  1. The Jeong Alarm Pillow – That piercing sound of the beeping alarm clock has got to be one of the worst ways to start your day. For people who have escaped the 9 to 5, they consistently state not having to wake up to the sound of an alarm clock as one of the best benefits from their new lifestyle. For the rest of us, the Jeong Alarm Pillow was invented. It comes equipped with a built-in alarm that wakes you with a gentle vibration plus it has an automatic snooze-sensor which detects the weight of your head. A second alarm is automatically triggered after a few minutes if it detects your head is still on our pillow. Note: Ladies, please don’t use this vibrating pillow for ‘other’ needs.
  1. glo-pillowThe Glo Pillow – Another pillow that is designed to replace that shrill sound of the alarm clock. We don’t blame them, if there was a gentle yet effective way of rousing us from our slumber, you can bet there’s a huge and lucrative market for that! In this case, the Glo Pillow is set to your natural circadian rhythm and uses an LED light to wake you. Lest you think of bright interrogation room light blasted in your face, rest assured that Glo Pillow’s LED takes 40 minutes to reach its peak, gently increasing in strength over the course of time, the idea being of course to match the gently rising sun; the way our caveman ancestors used to wake.
  1. Computer Warmed Pillows – Ummm, what? I can hear you saying now. Well, these pillows are simply pillows that are shaped in the form of your favorite cuddly animal such as a dog or piglet that comes with a built in USB port (as all animals do of course). When plugged in, the pillow starts to heat up, making it ideal to do some late night work in front of your computer during those cold winter nights, or you know, for a child watching TV. Either way.
  1. Soothing Pillow Speakers – Watching TV in bed has got to be one of America’s favorite past times. The problem is of course is that resting your head on your pillow while watching TV muffles the sound and really detracts from the whole experience. Enter the pillow speaker; embedded with speakers built directly into the memory foam pillow, its Soft Sound speakers can only be heard by the pillow user, meaning you can watch TV in bed without disturbing your partner. Even comes equipped with a remote control, and of course, an alarm clock and sleeping timer.
  1. music-playing-neck-pillowsMusic Playing Neck Pillows – While you probably won’t be using this one at home (duh), this is a great option for those who travel frequently and yet dislike the feeling of earbuds in their ear canal or headphones clamped on their head. These neck pillows (available in extremely vibrant colors by the way) can be connected to your music player, and the ‘ends’ of the U-shaped pillow are basically giant fluffy headphones. You can also connect it to your phone and make phone calls, although that is sure to garner you many strange looks.
  1. Pillow Remote Control – Where’s the remote? Why, under the couch cushions of course! (90% of the time, according to statistics I just made up). Anyway, this Pillow Remote Control is not a pillow shaped like a remote control it’s actually a pillow that is a remote control! Equipped with a built-in wide range transmitter and infrared LEDs, you can actually press on the pillow itself to change the channel on your TV. Automatic shut off feature as well so you don’t have to worry. Yes, we do live in a truly amazing time.

While human technology has improved by leaps and bounds since our caveman days, pillow technology has remained rather basic in comparison. Fortunately, we will always have innovators who are willing to merge technologies together, and the result can be pretty unique. Now, if you excuse me, I’m off to get myself a Pillow Remote Control.